The NextLight Mega LED Grow Light will grow from seed to flower with half the energy and 75% less heat than a DE 1000W HPS
Features and Benefits
650-watt draw (replaces 1000 watt DE HPS)

Up to 5’ x 5’ Flower or7' x 7’ Veg

Light output: 1400 uoml/j

Efficacy: 2.15 umol/j

100,000-hour lifetime

Full-Spectrum (3000k and 5000K) White Diodes

120-240VAC (comes with 120v and 240v cord)

5-year full manufacturer's warranty

Seed-to-harvest growth with a single spectrum

Daisy-chainable to one other Mega

UL certified for damp and dry conditions

CE certified

Designed & manufactured in the United States with domestic and imported parts

75% less heat

Cuts energy use in half

Eliminates the cost of replacement bulbs

Savings add up year after year